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How to buy direct and save on tours and bundles.

How to redeem a pre-paid voucher or gift card.

Tips to setup your phone & vehicle for audio & charging.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work without cell signal?

Our app uses GPS co-ordinates to determine your location and play commentary, not cellular or wifi signal.

Just pre-download both the app and tour content (audio, maps and images) to your phone, well before you leave signal, so you’ll have everything ready to tour offline.

And as there’s no time limit to use the tours, you can preview the tour routes, major highlights, itineraries and other travel tips as part of your trip planning.

How much does it cost?

Each tour is priced individually and listed on the tour page.

Tours and bundles are one time purchase, with no time/date limits or expiry and include free updates.
There’s no monthly subscriptions.

Make sure to check out the bundles to save even more!

Is there a date or time limit?

Tours are a one-time purchase with no date/time limit or expiry.  That’s right, no need to worry about using it within a certain timeframe.

And guess what? We’re always improving and updating our tours, so you can keep enjoying them. That’s just one of the ways we show our appreciation for your support.

How do I buy tours?


  1. From our webstore, sign in to unlock tours to your existing Apple or Google Play store profile.
  2. Buy tours or bundles directly from GuideAlong and enter your payment method on our secure Stripe site.
  3. Download the GuideAlong app from the link within your receipt. Sign in using the same Apple or Google Play store ID.
  4. Open the Guidealong app and view your tour collection in the My Tours tab. Browse route maps, highlights, trip planners and other travel tips.


  1. Download the free GuideAlong app from the Apple or Google Play store and sign-in using your Apple or Google Play store ID.
  2. Tap the Explore menu to view (unpurchased) tours and bundles. 
  3. Tap to BUY tours or bundles. Apple or Google Play manage transactions and payment methods.

Can I gift a tour?

Aren’t you nice! Yes, you sure can, just head over to our store and toggle on “send tours as a gift” option. 

Do I have to follow a set itinerary?

Our tours are designed to be flexible, so you can divide the commentary and customize into your own half, full or multi sightseeing day trips.

Can it help me plan my trip?

Condensed Trip Planners are available in app with full versions available on our website for download.

Contents include

How to Get Here
Getting Around
Entrance Fees
Where to Stay
When to Visit
How Much Time Do You Need
How to Avoid the Crowds
Things to See and Do
Best Hikes
Family Fun Adventure
Awesome Experiences
Best Sunset and Sunrise Spots
Food You Have to Try
Packing List
Top Travel Tips

What devices will it work on?

All mobile devices that include a GPS chip and meet the minimum operating system requirements.

Apple iPad wifi models and Kindle Fire do not include a GPS chip and are prevented from downloading as they will not determine location in remote areas.

What languages do you offer?

Only English at this time, but keep watching …

I haven't received my receipt?

Receipts are sent to the email address you have associated with your Apple or Google Play store account. Need it sent to another email address?  Chat online, email or call us on the toll free number.

I don't see my tour?

Tours are unlocked to the same individual Apple or Google Play store profile ID that you used to purchase.

From the My Tours menu, tap PROFILE (top right) or SIGN IN and ensure you are using the correct account.

*Some Apple users may see a @privaterelay.appleid.com email address, which is an Apple privacy setting you have enabled to hide your real email address from developers.

Purchased through Viator, TripAdvisor, Get Your Guide, or another third party. Make sure you have followed the instructions sent in a separate email and text/sms and redeem your tour voucher code to activate the tour.

How do I change my account email?

We don’t maintain accounts with email addresses. Tours are unlocked to your individual Apple or Google Play store account profile, using the email you keep on file with them. 

If you are an Apple user and are seeing a @privaterelay.appleid.com email, you have enabled a privacy setting on your phone to hide your real email from developers. Apple create this alias on your behalf. All notifications are sent to the real email address you keep with Apple.

Can I upgrade to a bundle?

Yes. Sign in to our store with the same Apple or Google Play store ID. The bundle price listed is automatically adjusted, crediting already purchased tours!

Can I remove a tour to save space on my phone?

Yes, open the tour and scroll to the bottom of the Home Screen. Tap REMOVE TOUR. You’ll be able to redownload the tour at any time from the My Tours tab.

How do I import my old tours?

Follow these simple steps to import old tours that you previously purchased into the new single app design.

Will it work with other music and navigational apps?

Our app works in background mode, allowing you to listen to your own road trip playlists.

Commentary will automatically pause or lower the volume of your music at triggered audio points.

Navigation is included as part of the narration, providing advanced notice on critical intersections, recommended side trips, as well as the best scenic viewpoints, along the tour routes.

If you do use another navigational app at the same time, (say to direct you to a specific restaurant or hotel) be aware they may direct you off our touring route.

* Preferred Setup for Audio

The commentary plays through the phone speaker by default. If you want to listen through the car stereo, you’ll need to set up a successful phone+media (different from just phone for calls) pairing between your phone and the car stereo.

Each vehicle/photo pairing process is unique, so here’s a couple of tips in a quick video


* Preferred Setup for Charging

Using a 12v car plug adapter with USB/C into the cigarette lighter outlet provides a much faster and stronger charge.  That’s better for when you’re using location service, which is constantly pinging with satellites and draining your batter faster. This is especially true if you device battery is degenerating.

Plugging directly into built-in USB port on some vehicles can create a second and conflicting connection for Bluetooth audio pairing. So while you think you’ve set up your phone to broadcast via Bluetooth, the car has automatically created a second pairing, so there’s a conflict and you won’t hear any commentary.